The largest pebble beach of Pokonji Dol, only 5 minutes walk from the accommodation. Guests can rent sun loungers and sun umbrellas on the beach for a small fee. There are two beach restaurants that offers affordable and delicious meals. The beach is also suitable for children.


The pebble beach is located in the southern part of the island, 10 kilometers away from the city. Access by boat or by car from the main road. There is also a restaurant on the beach where you can have one of the best meals on the island.


Beach with crystal clear sea, located on Marinkovac Island (Pakleni otoci). You can reach the beach by taxi boat from the city center or rent a boat at Hvar Boats. The beach is only a 15-minute drive from the city harbor.


A little picturesque Ethno Eco Village Zaraće is 6 km away from the town of Hvar. At the foot of the village there are two beautiful bays with pebble beaches that leave the impression of some tropical oasis. The bay facing the east "Velo Zaraće" and the other facing west "Malo Zaraće". The east and west bays are located in the rocky cliff with an irresistible clean turquoise-blue sea. There are two restaurants on the beach featuring local fish specialties, and you can order another dish if desired. You can reach Zaraća by boat from Hvar Harbor or by car.

Soline (Vrboska)

The only sandy beach on the island of Hvar is located on the south side of the peninsula near Vrboska, 31 km far from Hvar. Soline beach is a natural shade of pine forests and gastronomic offerings, making it ideal for families with children. You can reach Soline by car from Hvar.